Diesel Christ 
Diesel Mode
Walking in My Shoes
In Your Room
i Feel You
Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?
Higher Love 

Diesel Christ 
Diesel Mode 97
Sister Of Night
Useless Link
It's No Good
Barrel Of A Gun
The Love Thieves

Electric Love
Y Front - Enjoy the Silence
Alex Sacher - Sister Of Night
KieTheVez - Here Is The House
No Comment - Walking In My Shoes
Dorsetshire - Master And Servant
Beborn Beton - My Secret Garden
In Strict Confidence - Stripped
En Counter - The Love Thieves
Cultivated Bimbo - New Life
Lights Of Euphoria - Ice Machine
Psyche - Lie To Me

X-Act - Barrel Of A Gun
Children Within - Waiting For The Night
Automatic - It's No Good
Alex Sacher - O Freestate
State Machine - Stripped

An ElectroTribute To Depeche Mode
The Felix Experiment - Dirty Sticky Floors
Sirens Of Sound - Everything Counts
Sky Tribe 3 (feat. Felix) - Get The Balance Right
Awakened States - I Feel Loved
Slaves To The Symbol - I Feel You
In Search Of Neil - I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead
Orphans Of Infamy (feat. Felix)- It's No Good
Company Of None - Just Can't Get Enough
Planet Girl (feat. Nira of S.O.S.)- People Are People
Disorient Nation - Personal Jesus
Orchestrating Noise - Shake The Disease
Periphery (feat. Alux of Awakened States) - When The Body Speaks

Electronic Tribute to
Depeche Mode
Minus Sign - Behind the Wheel
Flux - Personal Jesus 
Transient - Never Let Me Down Again
Flux - People Are People
Spiral - Enjoy the Silence 
Transient - Master & Servant
Spiral - Black Celebration
The Left - Everything Counts
Transient - Glitter
Spiral - Halo

Enjoy The Sounds
Matrix - But Not Tonight 
Cut Rate Box - Behind The Wheel 
Yendri - Everything Counts 
No Comment - Walking In My Shoes 
Repulsion - The Things You Said 
In Strict Confidence - Stripped 
Carnage - Photographic 
Lights Of Euphoria - Waiting For The Night 
Psyche - Lie To Me 
Coming Back To You - Television Set 

Alex Sacher - Freestate 
Seega - Blasphemous Rumours 
Brave New World - Shake The Disease 
Fading Colours - Clean 
Controlled Fusion - In your memory 
C-Project feat. Darrin Huss - Just Can´t Get Enough

Enter The Mix
Filter Section - Happiest Girl
Audio Science - Home Computer
Blasphemous Garden - Blasphemous Rumours
Exis 01 - Musik Non Stop
Ultra Vision - Just Can't Get Enough
Audio Science - Trans Europe Express
Zerofighters - It's No Good
Martin O - Airwave
Good Courage - A Question Of Time
Interfaith - Tour De France
(Also Tribute to Kraftwerk) 

For The Masses
The Smashing Pumpkins - Never Let Me Down Again 
God Lives Underwater - Fly On The Windscreen 
Failure - Enjoy The Silence
The Cure - World In My Eyes 
Dishwalla - Policy Of Truth
Veruca Salt - Somebody
Meat Beat Manifesto - Everything Counts
Hooverphonic - Shake The Disease
Locust - Master And Servant
Self - Shame
Monster Magnet - Black Celebration
Rabbit In The Moon - Waiting For The Night
Apollo Four Forty - I Feel You
Gus Gus - Monument
Deftones - To Have And To Hold
Rammstein - Stripped

Demo: 2000
Slovakia tribute Depeche Mode
Behind the Wheel
A Question of Time
Policy of Truth
But Not Tonight
Never Let Me Down Again [Acoustic]
The Things You Said
Never Let Me Down Again

I Feel You
Just Can`t Get Enough 
People Are People 
Master And Servant 
Personal Jesus 
Wordl In My Eyes 
Shake The Disease 
Walking In My Shoes 
Policy Of Truth 
I Feel You 
It`s Called A Heart 
Enjoy The Silence

I Just Can't Get Enough
Audio Science - Strangelove 
Kirk - Behind The Wheel
Axis O - Pimpf
Blasphemous Garden - Blasphemous Rumours 
Bypass Unit - Just Can’t get Enough
Para One - Any second Now 
Lindun&Lindum - Waiting For The Night 
Godheads - One Caress
Mirrirman - Little 15 
The Scarabs - Get The Balance Right

Industrial Song Of Devotion
Serious Voices - Halo
Frontrunner - Behind The Wheel
Nude - Flexible
Biopsy - Barrel Of A Gun
Hi-Fi - But Not Tonight
Deadjump - Enjoy The Silence
Nothing Of Nothing - Somebody
MPuppets - Here Is The House
X On Mind - Just Can't Get Enough
Uniglory - Walking In My Shoes

The Inhuman Logic - Policy Of Truth
X-Action - It's No Good
Kremaster - World In My Eyes
Devotion - Something To Do
Clone DT - The Sun And The Rainfall

I Somethimes Wish I Was Famous
Page - Dreaming Of Me
Cat Rapes Dog - Something To Do
Elegant Machinery - My Secret Garden
Poupée Fabrikk - Photographic
Signal - Puppets 
Dead Eyes Open - Fly On The Windscreen
Inside Treatment - Blasphemous Rumours
Cultivated Bimbo - New Life
Scene Of Ritual - Stripped
S.P.O.C.K - Ice Machine 
Sol Niger - New Dress
One Hit Wonder - The Things You Said
Ater Koma – The Sun And The Rainfall
No Hotel - To Have And To Hold
Big Fish - Never Let Me Down Again
Systema The Affliction - Shouldn't Have Done That