It Never Happens To Me 
Float - Never Never 
Perpetuum Mobile - Stop! 
Chinese Detectives - Situation 
Precence Of Mind - Any Second Now 
Avant Garde - Love Is A Loser 
Protagonist - Any One 
Sequential Secrets - Puppets 
Destin Fragile - Happy People 
QPR - Bring Your Love Down 
Laura Effect - Leave Me To Bleed 
Ozone - Nodisco 
Zupernature - Phantom Bride 
Consequence - Crown Of Thorns 
F.A.T. - Stop/Start

(A tribute to Vince Clarke)

Master Of Celebration
Agressiva 69 - Personal Jesus
Blenders - A Question Of Time
Jesus Chrysler Suicide - People Are People
Soyka - Somebody Fading Colours - Clean
Ziyo - Strangelove
Hedone - Stripped
Drimsztajn - Its No Good
Moonlight 9 - Enjoy The Silence
Walking Trees - Personal Jesus
Jutyna Kabala - Home 
Malenczuk und Tuta - Master And Servant
Mimofoni - Halo
Gods Bow - The Things You Said
Warthegau - Never Let Me Down Again
Imtm - Love In Itself 
Milion Bulgarow - A Question Of Time

Mode In Poland
Red Leev - In Your Room 
Ice Machine - Walking In My Shoes 
Siodma Brama Wdrzwiach - Useless 
Bobby Peru - Waiting For The Night 
Composition - Clean 
Common Dream - If You Want 
Ephebes - A Question Of Lust 
Geiger Box - Behind The Wheel 
Mindwhip - Something To Do 
Zoltan - Rush 

Noise Gate - Painkiller 
Am.Ok - Halo
Unreleased - Higher Love 
Cabaret - Black Day

Modeified 1
The Strangest Devotion
SYZYGY - Pimpf 
Rubin Roche - Behind The Wheel 
Loveless - Television Set 
Scott Bartie - World Full Of Nothing 
SYZYGY - Told You So
Seth Christensen and C.Y. Kennedy - Shake The Disease
Fatima Asgar - Somebody
Khoa Ho - Black Celebration
Ernest Millan - Walking In My Shoes 
Dan Litwin - Everything Counts (Instrumental) 
Scott Bartie - The Things You Said
Mike Benning - Fools
Coastal Girls - World In My Eyes
Scott Bartie and Bernadette Dubulcay - I Want You Now 
Bryan McPhail - Rush (Instrumental) 
Brad "The Ambient Whale" Kett, Shame Nimmer and Mork - Sweetest Perfection
Envoy - But Not Tonight
SYZYGY - Enjoy The Silence 
Scott Bartie - Shake The Disease
Envoy - Ice Machine
Agnes Poetry - Everything Counts (Live)
Khoa Ho - DM Piano Medley 

Modeified 2
Music From The Masses
Bryan McPhail - Memphisto
Rafi Kharman - World In My Eyes (8-bit Remix)
Fletch Lives - Enjoy The Silence (Let's F***ing Hear You Mix) 
Khoa Ho - I Want You Now
Rob Augino and Bryan Mcphail - In Your Room 
Rick Grossenbacher - Strangelove 
Daniel "Kylis" Aeschliman and SYZYGY - Remotivate Me (Set Me Free)
Johan Ostberg - Love In Itself (Whisper Mix)
Ernest Millan - One Caress (Acoustic)
Ken Gillespie - Halo
DNR and KellieJane Adan - Policy Of Truth (Generic Mix)
Stephen Lancaster - Fly On The Windscreen
Deemed Epoch - Nothing (Cool Jazzy Mix) 
The Wright Condition - C. Preston Wright and J.A. - Condemnation (Soprano Serenade) 
Mike Benning - Lie To Me 
Quartz Insomnia - Get Right With Me 
John Brady Bogdan and Wayne Moss - Never Let Me Down Again
Michael Jeffries - Monument 
Teknique - New Dress 
Duane Ludwig - Just Can't Get Enough (Variations)
SYZYGY - The Things You Said 
Loveless - Any Second Now
Distorted - Stripped

Modeified 3
Some Great Reworks
Rafi Kharman - Uselink (Reactivate! Mix)
Shades of Gray (Tom Kramer) - I Want You Now
Null Device (Eric Oehler) - Stripped 
The Antiheroes - It's No Good
Dawn Green (My Little Girl) - Sometimes
Bryan McPhail and Rob Augino - Higher Love 
Numb - Behind the Wheel
Jason Bromberg and Chris Rentzel - Somebody (Alpha Mix) 
Patrick Merz - Stories of Old
A New January (Chris Garcia) - The Sun and the Rainfall 
Roland Weber - A Question of Time
Rick Grossenbacher - Kaleid 
Bjorn Hedberg - Blasphemous Rumours 
Mattias pettersson and Fredric Tirheden - Puppets (Dance)
Danyel Ramelow (The MAN!) - The Bottom Line
James Leithead and Todd Parson - Never Let Me Down Again (This Ain't No Disco Mix) 
Loveless - My Joy 
Amanda Leamon and Mark Plummer - A Question of Lust
Tammo Koehler - Enjoy the Silence (I.C.U. Mix)
Titchener/Summers/Eckeersley-Ice Machine - I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead
Dan Walker - Strangelove
Pssikadelik - Noshin Chowdhury - Stjarna 
Danyel Ramelow (The MAN!) - Just Can't Get Enough MODEified (The MODEified Theme)

Modeified 4 
Things We Said
DNR - Crucified
The Man - Little 15
Null Device - Sweetest Perfection
Sasha White, James Reyna & Chris Vasquez - Fly On The Windscreen 
Unique - Waiting For The Nigh 
Rubin Roche - One Caress
Stained - Higher Love (Caves Crashing Edit)
Tammo Koehler - Nothing To Fear (But Fear Itself Remix)
Jason Bromberg & Chris Rentzel - Little 15
The Crosses - Useless (Acoustic Angst Mix) 
Loveless - Pimpf (Squared)
Syntron Project - Judas
Osofaux - Monument
Self Delusion - Ice Machine 
Khoa Ho - Somebody
Rafi Kharman - Dangerous (Plastic Mix)

Modeified 5
Songs From The So-Called Space Age
Loveless - My Secret Garden
Motorcycle Au Pair Boys - It's No Good
AnnMarie Scott - Photographic
Self Delusion - The Sun And The Rainfall
Jason Bromberg and Chris Rentzel - It Doesn't Matter
dMentia - A Question Of Lust (Acoustic)
RadioStar - Sister Of Night
Comfort Zone - Violation 15
Various Artists - Surrender
RadioKemia - No Disco (Berlin Mix)
Pierre Dalcourt - Somebody (at Home)
Chan - Judas (Simplicity Is Best Mix)
Voyage - Freestate
Kim Johnsson - It Doesn't Matter Two
The Violators - Condemnation
Rafi Kharman - Any Second Now
Unique - Pipeline

No Hidden Catch
Claire´s Birthday - I Feel You 
Una Bomba - Dreaming Of Me 
Highway - Little 15 
Umb - Dangerous 
Dallas - Strangelove 
Gnorabimus - Master And Servant 
Sumerki - Never Let Me Down Again 
Forgotten Sunrise - In Your Room 
Zorg - Personal Jesus 
PX Band - Walking In My Shoes 
Blind - See you 
Pedigree - Get Right With Me 
Pia Fraus - Condemnation 
Cyclone B - Blasphemous Rumours 
Ka-Funky - Everything Counts 
Full Stop - Just Can´t Get Enough
Dreamphish - Higher Love (hidden track)

Pat MacDonald
Strange Love-Pm Does Dm
Policy Of Truth
It’s No Good
Never Let Me Down Again
Master And Servant
Personal Jesus
A Question Of Time
Enjoy The Silence
I Feel You
Fly On The Windscreen
Death’s Door

People Are People
The Best Of Depeche Mode Cover Versions
People Are People
Enjoy The Silence
Just Can't Get Enough
Policy Of Truth
World In My Eyes
Never Let Me Down Again
Everything Counts
Personal Jesus
It's No Good
Only When I Lose Myself

Personal Depeche
Bielarusian DM tribute
Alyaksey Shedzko - Dream On
Neurodubel ft. Guda - I Feel You
Flat - The Dead of Night
Impatt - In your room
Lyapis Trubetskoy "Vopros Vremeni" - A Question of time
Apple Tea - It's No Good
Ludmila "Uvidetsya vnov" - See You
Etna Tryo Troitsa - Freestate
Gaer & Alyaksandr Pamidoray - Never Let Me Down Again
Kriwi "Bez guchnyh slovay" - Freelove
N.R.M. "Tvoi Ezus" - Personal Jesus
Zet "Marny" - Useless
Harackija "Adchyvau cyabe" - I Feel You
Todar - I Want You Now
Kali Juga "V pricele tvoego ruzhya" - Barrel Of a Gun

Project For The Masses
Just Can't Get Enough
I Feel Loved 
Enjoy The Silence
Policy Of Truth 
People Are People
A Question Of Time
Everything Counts 
Walking In My Shoes
Personal Jesus
Never let Me Down Again

Master And Servant
Just Can’t Get Enough
Barrel Of A Gun
New Life
Shake The Disease (Instr.)

Reconstruction Time
Amsterdam - The Things You Said
Battery - Shame (Switch Mix)
Ionic Vision - Work Hard
Simbolo - World In My Eyes 
KieTheVez - Photographic (Live)
Fading Colours - Clean
Beborn Beton - My Secret Garden
Lights Of Euphoria - Ice Machine
Cycloon - To Have And To Hold
The Merry Thoughts - The Sun & The Rainfall
Reflection V - Something To Do
Inertia - Behind The Wheel
Bio-Tek - Walking In My Shoes 
Panic On The Titanic - Waiting For The Night
Black Wedding - Any Second Now 
The Escape - Enjoy The Silence