Some Great Celebration 
Lakeside Church - Higher Love
The Pathfinder - Policy Of Truth
Mashy Muxx - People Are People
Lucka Strike - Somebody
The Light Beyond - Dressed In Black 
Sin Sin - Tora! Tora! Tora!
Onset - Love In Itself
Tc Lemons feat. René Adrassy (Oxygene) (SK) - Dream On
Strange Day - The Sun And The Rainfall
Mojmìr & Dj Michalmo - Behind The Wheel
No Name Desire - Master And Servant
Skwor - I Feel You
Dld + Jelend - Clean
Mastermind feat. Depressive Disorder - It's Called A Heart
E-Work - Useless
Deva - Walking In My Shoes

Songs From Fans With Devotion
Niohbium - Nothing To Fear 
[´P3:SNL] - Ice Machine 
Theriak - Shake The Disease 
Thuni - Clean 
Cadjo Clan - Walking In My Shoes 
Pre Audio - One Caress 
The Corgans - Condemnation 
Weplay - A Question Of Time 
Head-Less - It´s No Good 
SynDesigner - Fly On The Windscreen 
Fairground - The Things You Said (instrumental)
Voyage - Home 
Strangeman feat. Sammy West - Strangelove (acoustic) 
Battery Bride - A Question Of Lust 
Split Effect - Barrel Of A Gun (instrumental) 
Fate - Something To Do 
Nem Con feat. DJ Niggels - Pupptes (HAL 9000)

South Celebration
Un tributo a Depeche Mode
At Mount Fuji (Crisalda) - Stripped
Bam Bam - Barrel Of A Gun
Richter - A Question Of Time
Tercer Ojo - Behind The Wheel
Mauma - Personal Jesus
Punto De Fuga - Photographic
Pampas Electricas - Enjoy The Silence
Galileo - Freelove
Supersticion! - World Full Of Nothing
Pichi + Valerio - Somebody
Reversion - I Feel You
Hera - Dangerous
Fase 4 - It's No Good
Pulso Fino - A Question Of Lust
Narianomart - But Not Tonight
Emisor - Uselink

Studio 99 Perform Depeche Mode
People Are People
Master And Servant
Just Can`t Get Enough
Shake The Disease
Personal Jesus
Enjoy The Silence
Policy Of Truth
World In My Eyes

It`s Called A Heart
I Feel You
Walking In My Shoes

Symphonic Music Of Depeche Mode
Never let me down again 
Enjoy the silence 
I feel you 
Little 15 
Policy of truth 
Walking in my shoes 
Higher love 
Fly on the windscreen

The Best Of Depeche Mode
performed by Master and Servant
Only When I Lose Myself
Just Can't Get Enough
Enjoy the Silence
I Feel You
In Your Room
It's Called A Heart
Barrel of A Gun
World In My Eyes

Walking In My Shoes
Shake the Disease
Master and Servant
It's No Good
People Are People
Policy of Truth

The Best Of Love
Statemachine - Stripped
Children Within - Waiting For The Night
Dark Distant Spaces - A Question Of Lust
S.P.O.C.K. - Ice Machine
Cat Rapes Dog - Something To Do
Pouppee Fabrikk - Photographic
Page - Dreaming Of Me
Encounter - The Love Thieves
Forbidden Colours - Sister Of Night
KieTheVez - Here Is The House
Proxy - Home
Automatic - It's No Good
Proxy - Home
Automatic - It's No Good

The String Quartet Tribute To Depeche Mode
In Your Room 
People Are People
Personal Jesus
Enjoy The Silence 
Behind The Wheel
Dreaming Of Me
Barrel Of A Gun 
Master And Servant
Never Let Me Down Again
Break Dreams (Original Composition)

The Wannadies
Might Be Stars
Might Be Stars (Radio Edit)
New Life
Just Can't Get Enough
No Disco

Trancemode Express
Kirk - Behind The Wheel
Executor - Nothing To Fear 
Delta Signal - Oberkorn
Audio Science - Little 15
The Scaras - Get The Balance Right
Reverse Puls - Flexible
Ultravision - The Things You Said
Interfaith - Fools
Audio Science - Strangelove
Latex Empire - Master And Servant

Axis_01 - Pimpf

Trancemode Express
CD 1
Blasphemous Garden - Blasphemous Rumours
Good Courage - A Question Of Lust
Bypass - Just Can't Get Enough
The Memory Garden - Flies On The Windscreen
Interfaith - Happiest Girl
RSDR - Photographic
Bonehead - Enjoy The Silence
Interfaith - Rush
Inner View - Everything Counts (Part One)
DIN - Everything Counts (Part Two) 
Distant - The Meaning Of Love
CD 2 (Megamix)
Blasphemous Garden - Blasphemous Rumours
The Memory Garden - Flies On The Windscreen
RSDR - Photographic
Inner View - Everything Counts
Distant Voices - The Meaning Of Love

Trancemode Express
Judas - Walking In My Shoes
Filter Section - Happiest Girl
Razed In Black - New Dress
Para One - Any Second Now
LCD - Painkiller
Zerofighters - It's No Good (Feel Love Mix)
Ultravision - Just Can't Get Enough
Lindum & Lindum - Waiting For The Night (The Bad Knight Mix)
Judas - Stripped
Element - The Sun & The Rainfall

Ultravision - Waiting For The Night (The Good Night Mix)

Tributo A Depeche Mode
Folk - In Your Memory 
Cineplexx - I Feel You 
Klauss Maria Castel - Enjoy The Silence 
Rambal Galbes - The Love Thieves 
Microesfera - Just Can´t Get Enough 
Lochness - See You 
Gustavo Lamas - Pipeline 
Galeria - It´s No Good 
Intima - World In My Eyes 
Matias Barra - A Question Of Time 
Blind - See You 
Rambal Galbes - Walking In My Shoes 
Farmacia - I Want You Now 
Estupendo - Dangerous 
Tonico - Tomorrow´s Dance 
Pablo Reche - Agent Orange

Your World In Our Eyes
Forbidden Colours - Halo
Statemachine - Stripped
Children Within - Waiting For The Night
Laura Effect - World In My Eyes
KieTheVez - Here Is The House
Brave New World - Shake The Disease
Daybehaviour - See You
Paradigm - But Not Tonight
X-ACT - Barrel Of A Gun
Dark Distan Spaces - A Question Of Lust